Your Sourcing Strategy

At your fingertips, instantly

  • Easy to use
  • On laptop or mobile
  • Only 10-20 minutes of your time
  • Full strategies with actionable objectives
  • 144 different strategies
  • Beautifull graphs to download and use in your presentations
  • Your results  available immediately
  • Your results stored in your member portal
  • Great to do with your stakeholders
  • An eye opener for stakeholders

We never knew about these strategi procurement models, this is an eye opener

IT manager at an FMCG company

Took me literally only 5 minutes to complete

IT manager at FMCG company

Very easy to use

Diretor at FMCG company

Great tool

Director of procurement at FMCG company

The strategytool is based on well developed industry models for sourcing strategies. We put in many years of experience and research across many sectors to define the right questions.

We developed this tool from our own experience that procurement departments are still often seen as a rubber stamping windows to haggle about the price.  To bring strategic value requires a long term improvement approach, which is impossible to achieve without having a strategy and buy in from stakeholders.  With continued pressure on budgets and staff shortages, long term gets on the backburner behind urgent day to day issues and strategies are not developed well enough. To help tackle this problem we developed this easy to use online sourcing strategy tool to get to an actionable strategy in minutes and that is easy enough to ask business stakeholders to complete as well. So you can define a strategy and involve stakeholders and change the perception of purchasing departments and bring them to a strategic level. 

The strategytool has


  • Your own membership space to define and keep your strategies
  • 3 key models that make up a sourcing strategy
  • An easy to use assessment.
  • Put in as many categories as you like
  • Go back  for each category and review your answers and adapt if needed.
  • Download graphs to use in your presentations